“Prevention Works!” There can be little argument that this statement is true. However, there have been many changes in the terminology and practice of prevention over the past few years. These changes can be confusing for even the most experienced prevention specialist. This workshop will review the state-of-the-art knowledge from prevention science and practice and help to dispel myths about what does and doesn’t work.

Objectives: (for CEU’s)

Participants will be able to name/explain/use:

  • Substance abuse prevention
  • SAMSHA’s Strategic Initiatives, the National Prevention Strategy, and CSAP’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF)
  • The Institute of Medicine’s Continuum of Care Classifications: Universal, Selective, Indicated
  • Current effective prevention strategies
  • The impact of ATOD’s on the development of the adolescent brain


  • National Prevention Strategy, June 2011
  • SAMSHA’s Behavioral Health Lens for Prevention
  • Substance Abuse Prevention: The Intersection of Science and Practice, Julie Hogan, 2003
  • Brain Trust Alliance, February 2007
  • “Use It or Lose It”, Walsh, 2004
  • National CAPT Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training Manual, June 2006
  • NIDA: Drugs, Brains, and Behavior: The Science of Addiction
  • National Research Council (NRC) – Preventing Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Disorders Among Youth, 2009
  • IOM Continuum of Care Protractor
  • TCABP.org

Format: PowerPoint, Facilitated Discussion, Interactive Activities, Videos


  • 1 to 1.5 hrs. (Conferences only)
  • 3 hr. Workshops