As Prevention Professionals, we are expected to be skilled public speakers, teachers and trainers. We know there is a better way to present than straight lecture. But most of us don’t have any idea exactly how to do that! This workshop will use concepts developed by author Sharon Bowman to review six learning principles based on brain science that “trump traditional teaching and will forever change the way you instruct others.

Objectives: (for CEU’s)

Participants will be able to name/explain/use:

  • The Six Trumps® – six learning principles based on brain science
  • Apply these principles to any learning environment
  • The learning principles in action


  • Bowman, Sharon. Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick – Six Learning Principles That Trump Traditional Teaching
  • HCCADA, Rainbow Days, Inc., and Recovery Resource Council. Prevention Cookbook-Improv Game

Format: PowerPoint, Facilitated Discussion, Interactive Activities, Videos


  • 1 to 1.5 hrs. (Conferences only)
  • 3 hr. Workshops