cul-ture n. the collectively agreed upon knowledge, experience, values, ideas, attitudes, skills, tastes and techniques that are passed on from more experienced members of a community to new members. Are each of us part of just one culture or multiple cultures? The training will delve into Cultural Competency terms as defined by CSAP as well as a more detailed look at the Elements of Culture which consist of values, attitudes, customs, and beliefs. Training participants will identify ways to manage their own cultural prejudices utilizing the videos, “Managing Your Prejudices, and Flash Judgements”. Participants will also discuss the Cultural Competency Continuum. Participants will be encouraged to examine their own biases in a safe environment.

Objectives: (for CEU’s)

Participants will be able to name/explain/use:

  • Cultural competency terms, including those from CSAP
  • Elements of Culture & the Cultural Competency Continuum
  • Cultures to which they belong
  • Their personal biases
  • Ways to manage their biases.


Format: PowerPoint, Facilitated Discussion, Interactive Activities, Videos


  • 1 to 1.5 hrs. (Conferences only)
  • 3 hr. Workshops