Description of Workshops

The Resilient Organization

In today’s world of uncertainty and rapid change there are inevitable “risks” associated with successfully fulfilling the mission of nonprofit organizations and community coalitions. Leaders, and the organizations they lead, must be resilient and not lose...

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The Multi-Generational Workplace: R U Ready?

No matter what generation you chronologically fall into by birthdate or what generation with which you most identity – Baby Boomers, Gen Y, Gen X, Millennials (Gen Y) or Gen Z – you are probably challenged by the differing work habits and ethics of each...

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Leaders of Tomorrow, Today

Study after study confirms what conventional wisdom tells us—the majority of nonprofit leaders of today will not be here tomorrow (tomorrow being defined as the next 5 to 7 years.) Current leadership positions in nonprofits are predominantly filled with...

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“Being” Who You Are – “Doing” What You Do

Many professionals are “drawn” to the non-profit sector because they want to make a difference or address a need. They may have experienced personal pain and want to help others suffering from the same kind of experience. There are many motivations and...

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Adapting an Attitude of Play to Help Alleviate Stress

Do you ever have days like this…? “The article you sent me on how technology causes stress crashed my computer.”? Most of us can associate with this. This workshop will share tips for the ever popular “FISH! Catch the Energy - Release the Potential.”...

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Preventing Death by Lecture

As Prevention Professionals, we are expected to be skilled public speakers, teachers and trainers. We know there is a better way to present than straight lecture. But most of us don’t have any idea exactly how to do that! This workshop will use concepts...

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Effective Services Begin with Effective Communication

Whether you are trying to engage and work with children, youth, parents or community members, it is important to consider the ways in which you communicate with them. This workshop aims to introduce prevention professionals to the key concepts around...

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