Study after study confirms what conventional wisdom tells us—the majority of nonprofit leaders of today will not be here tomorrow (tomorrow being defined as the next 5 to 7 years.)  Current leadership positions in nonprofits are predominantly filled with members of the Baby Boom generation who will continue to transition into other types of work or retirement leaving a “leadership deficit” over the next decade that creates one of the biggest challenges facing the social sector today. 


Participants will be able to name/explain/use:

  • Generational similarities and differences in leadership
  • How we can be more proactive in promoting younger leaders
  • What steps must be taken to create good endings and new beginnings
  • What research tells us, reflect on core tried and true principles, and challenge our assumptions
  • Actions to take for the sake of the leaders and organizations of tomorrow


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Format:  PowerPoint, Facilitated Discussion, Interactive Activities, Videos


  • 1 to 1.5 hrs. (Conferences only)
  • 3 hr. Workshop