CBSG® Program Facilitator Training

The CBSG® Program Facilitator Training prepares prevention professionals, school counselors and other youth service professionals and volunteers to fully implement Rainbow Days’ CBSG® Program with fidelity. Note: This training is required in order to receive the CBSG® Program Facilitator Manual.


Training content includes:

  • The theoretical foundations of the CBSG® Program;
  • Risk and Protective factors addressed by the CBSG® Program;
  • How to implement the CBSG® Program in your setting and with fidelity;
  • Adverse childhood experiences and their impact on children and youth; 
  • The role of the CBSG® Program facilitator and effective facilitation skills;
  • Opportunities to practice facilitation skills using the CBSG® Program Facilitator Manual.

The cost to host the one-day CBSG® Program Facilitator Training in your city for 15 individuals is as follows:

  • Training Fee for 15 participants is $3,500.00* ($150/person for 16+ participants)
  • Reimbursement for Travel
    – Airfare and mileage (at $.50/mile)
    – Lodging for one night (if there are no flights departing on the evening of the training an additional night of lodging will be required)
    – Per Diem (as determined for state in which training takes place )
    – Rental Car and Gasoline (when applicable)
    – Airport Parking (when applicable)
    – Luggage Fees (when applicable) 
  • On-Going Support and Technical Assistance
    The Trans4m Center seeks to develop and maintain a reciprocal partnership CBSG® Program providers and will offer ongoing support and technical assistance following training at no additional charge.

* This fee includes a CBSG® Program Facilitator Manual, of your choice**, for each participant. The manual contains all necessary program handouts on a CD or USB, in English and Spanish, with permission to reproduce as well as quality assurance materials.


curriculum**Facilitator Manual choices: 

  • Kids’ Connection (ages 4-12)
  • Youth Connection (ages 10-17)
  • Kids’ Connection, Too (ages 4-15)
  • Faith Connection (ages 4-15)

Notice: Completing this training certifies you to facilitate groups with children and/or youth in the CBSG® Program. It does not certify you to train others to facilitate the program.